Dark. It had been dark today, too. She felt it to the very core of her bones, like she always did. It crept slowly: time passing, and a broken watch; saddening, like a garden bereft of petals and birdsong, with the looming emptiness of a futile crib.

She sat with the darkness for a moment. Acknowledged its presence. Acknowledged the progress she’d made- she was not the darkness, neither was she in it.
She knew it was a phase, she always had, but the fact was more real now. Fighting the onslaught of her stagnant state, she lumbered to her feet, almost mechanically shoved them into shoes, and grabbed her earphones. Turning up the music, she walked out the door. Hitting the tracks always made it better, more than anything else did.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Faster steps, longer strides.
Covered in sweat, she stumbled to a swing, toes flexing, pushing the swing higher.
“Don’t wait for it to make sense to be happy- be happy, the rest will fall into place!” Read the poster at a distance.
She smiled softly, watching the sun dip. It was an end, yes.                                                        But sunsets are important, too; as important as sunrises, or afternoons, probably even more so. And if you’re watching, and you’re lucky enough, they’re beautiful, too.            Rosy red, stark scarlet, an unimpressive dull blue. Extravagant or subtly fading. Everyone has their own beautiful. Everyone has their own sunset.

The idea is to look for the fairy dust amidst the ashes, because sometimes, you actually find what you’re looking for.